How to become a member

CENTR has two types of Members (Full Members and Associate Members) and can grant Observer status to organisations with which it maintains a close relationship. Applicants should complete the application form and return it to the CENTR Secretariat. All applications are voted on by the Members during the General Assembly.

Full Member

Full Membership is open to organisations, corporate bodies or individuals that operate a country code top level domain registry. Registries that qualify for Full Membership are asked to voluntarily select from seven fee bands (the most appropriate to their situation).

CENTR Fee Bands:
Band 1: EUR 2,875
Band 2: EUR 5,000
Band 3: EUR 8,050
Band 4: EUR 12,000
Band 5: EUR 16,100
Band 6: EUR 19,000
Band 7: EUR 22,425
Band 8: EUR 28,750
Band 9: EUR 36,800
Band 10: EUR 42,000
Band 11: EUR 50,000

Application form

Associate Member

Associate membership of the association may be given to any organisation or corporate body that operates an internet domain registry and the General Assembly considers that CENTR would benefit from such bodies or organisations having Membership of CENTR. 

Applications are restricted to non-European ccTLDs and TLDs with strong connection/ties to Europe (such as city and regional TLDs), and are restricted to six per calendar year allowing applicants to present their organisation at the General Assembly.

Associate Members are welcome to choose their membership fee in line with the self-selection mechanism applicable for full members. The minimum fee for Associate Members is 7,000 EUR.

Application form


Observer status may be given to corporate bodies or legal representatives representing such bodies if, at its sole discretion, the General Assembly considers that the association would benefit from such bodies or individuals having Observer status. No person or corporate body who qualifies for full or associate membership shall be appointed as an Observer.

The Observership will be reviewed by the members on a yearly basis.

Application form