54th CENTR Legal & Regulatory workshop

The 'regular' L&R meeting will take place on 26/09/17 (full day, agenda to be published in due time).

Privacy Task Force Meeting (27/09/17):

During the Jamboree and our last L&R meeting we discussed the possibility of a separate Privacy Group meeting as an “add on” to the upcoming L&R meeting in Stockholm.
The meeting is not part of the L&R meeting but will be held separately for those of you who are working on the implementation of the GDPR.
The "Privacy GDPR Task Force” meeting will deal with topics relevant to us as ccTLD-operators, discuss the GDPR in depth and assess the need for legal analysis. Examples of topics are: registrars as data controllers, requirements of valid consent, specifically looking into legal grounds of publishing registrant-data in Whois, data portability, legal grounds for processing of DNS-traffic and logs, requirements to fulfil registrants’ rights, the requirement of having a DPO etc. We will provide the participants with an agenda in due time.
We are pleased to invite those of you who are working on the implementation of the GDPR to join this half-day meeting and take part in the work and effort of analysing the GDPR and its impact

Event overview

Date: 26 - 27 September 2017 IIS premises,
Hammarby Kaj 10D
120 32 Stockholm,
Stockholm, Sweden