CENTR members discuss GDPR implementation and content regulation

2017-10-26 News

In September, the 54th CENTR Legal and Regulatory workshop took place in Stockholm.

Hosted by IIS in their spectacular new offices, the meeting was organised in two parts. The first day, during its regular legal meeting, the group focused on the role of a ccTLD in the ongoing content and liability discussions. Following an overview of regulatory trends, the group split in small groups to share best practices and discuss if it would be possible to come to a common CENTR position on this topic. It was agreed that there is a need for a paper that describes the different practices across European ccTLDs. The group also discussed internal procedural matters such as election process for the Chair and Vice-Chair position and participation rules. The day was concluded by a tour de table where all registries shared the most recent legal developments in their jurisdiction.

The second day was dedicated to the legal aspects of the GDPR implementation. While a specialist GDPR group has been working together for over a year, this was the first meeting that was open to all CENTR members. Members shared progress on internal implementation processes, discussed registry-registrar relations and identified areas were cooperation could be helpful.

Participants, documents and slides (members only)

The next meeting will take place in Oxford on 25-26 January 2018.