CENTR publishes its CENTRstats Global TLD Report Q1/2018

2018-05-11 News

The CENTRstats Global TLD Report Q1/2018 has been published. The report covers the global status and registration trends in all top-level domains (legacy gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs), with additional focus on the European ccTLD market.


Highlights from the report

Global market

  • The global TLD market grew 1.4% YOY at the end of Q1 2018, bringing total recorded domains to an estimated 333 million
  • 44% of domain names globally are ccTLDs and 56% are gTLDs. These figures have not changed substantially over the past few years despite the introduction of hundreds of new gTLDs.

European market

  • The TLD market in Europe is estimated at 100 million domains (locally registered ccTLD & gTLDs), of which 59% are European-based ccTLDs
  • European ccTLDs grew in total 3.6% YOY and continue a period of stable growth, in part due to a decline in average deletion rates along with flat rates of new domains
  • New research conducted by CENTR into European ccTLD pricing shows a median retail price of 10 EUR (ex-tax, new registration) with a range of 1-60 EUR


  • gTLDs grew in total 0.1% YOY. Of the legacy gTLDs, .com and .info are the ones to have maintained consistent positive growth over the past year.
  • .com has around 71% of the global gTLD market, with the rest attributed to other legacy gTLDs (18%) and new gTLDs at 11%.
  • A third of all new gTLDs (2012 ICANN application round) have contracted over the past 12 months
  • Median growth among geographic gTLDs was 1.9% YOY. This group has some of the lowest rates of domain parking among all new gTLDs