CENTR publishes its Report on ICANN60

News 06-11-2017

CENTR has published its Report on ICANN60. This report covers issues discussed at the ccNSO and GAC meetings.

Relevant to ccTLDs and CENTR members: information boxes highlight topics specifically relevant to ccTLDs and CENTR members.


  • Executive Summary
    • ccNSO highlights
    • GAC highlights
  • ccNSO Report
    • Country and territory names at the top level: Overview
    • Country and territory names at the top level: Work Track 5 (WT5)
    • Retirement of ccTLDs policy development
    • ccTLD financial contribution to ICANN
    • Customer Standing Committee (CSC) review team
    • Root zone evolution review committee (RZERC)
    • IANA names function update
    • PTI update
    • TLD-Ops update 6
    • Auction Proceeds
    • ccTLD news session
    • Empowered Community update
    • Other points from the ccNSO
    • Discussion on ccNSO meeting strategy
  • GAC Report
    • Preliminaries
    • Country and territory names / codes at second level; geographic names
      • 2-character (country) codes at the second level
      • The case of .amazon
    • Data protection and privacy
      • Discussions in GAC plenary and PSWG
      • Comments by Göran Marby on the GDPR
      • Summary of cross-community session on the GDPR and ICANN
    • Abuse
      • Abuse Reporting for Fact-Based Policy Making and Effective Mitigation
      • GAC Session on DNS Abuse
    • IANA Transition and beyond
      • Jurisdiction
      • CCWG-Accountability