CENTR publishes its Report on RIPE73

2016-11-08 News

CENTR just published its Report on RIPE73, which took place on 24-28 October 2016 in Madrid.

Overview of the content:

  • WHOIS – Europol lobbying for accuracy
  • The ITU, the WTSA and the Internet of Things turf race
  • Documenting (and enhancing?) accountability in RIPE
  • Address Policy – Clash over IPv4, new policy for IPv6 follow-up allocation?
  • Anycast Root Servers: how many anycast sites are enough?
  • DNS WG: Benchmarking DNS Servers, new gTLD “noise”
  • Other DNS-related bits: KSK roll, ECDSA
  • GM: Unchanged fee structure, more members, more staff