DK Hostmaster becomes anchor host in RIPE atlas - 18 March 2015

2015-03-25 News

DK Hostmaster announced that they now support the RIPE Atlas project by being a so-called anchor host. Now that the project has reached 100 anchors, the RIPE Atlas network is more robust than ever.
IPE Atlas is a worldwide project initiated in order for students, developers and internet providers to better see and understand how the internet is actually working. With so called RIPE Atlas probes and anchors, which are installed by volunteers on their internet connection or datacentres, it is possible to visualise how the infrastructure of the internet is doing in real time, all over the world. With the RIPE Atlas project, you can monitor the amount of downtime (outage) experienced on the network and which servers, that delivers the data the users request. For DK Hostmaster and other DNS operators it is useful to be able to map out which servers delivers which data in order to determine if the infrastructure is set up in an optimal way; Is it for example the server that is 'closest' to the user that gets to deliver the data? This technology (Anycast), along with the deployment of DNSSEC and IPv6, can be measured with the help from the RIPE Atlas project.