CENTR publishes the CENTRstats Global TLD Report Q3/2021

News 18-01-2022

The CENTRstats Global TLD Report Q3/2021 has been published. It covers the global status and registration trends in all top-level domains (legacy gTLDs, new gTLDs and ccTLDs), with a specific focus on the European ccTLD market.

Click here to view the online, interactive report.

Highlights from the report:

  • Median domain growth in European ccTLDs was 3.7% YOY (Oct 2021), down from the 6 month average and showing signs of stabilisation.
  • After declines in new domain purchases over Q2, demand picked up again in Q3 although still below the rates of 2020 during the same period. Deletes/non-renewals have been stable and seen a small decline over Q3 2021.
  • Based on Alexa ranks, .com makes up around 43% of popular domains in CENTR member countries. The rest is made up of European ccTLDs (33%), non-member ccTLDs (14%) and all other gTLDs (11%).
  • While the median retail price for a ccTLD has been stable over 2021 (10.0 EUR for a 12 month registration , Oct 2021), promotions have become more aggressive with a median of 4.5 EUR in October 2021, down from 6.7 EUR at the beginning of the year.
  • 28% of ccTLD domains queried are broken or have no functioning content (e.g. HTTP/DNS errors, timeouts etc). A further 27% lead to parked, abandoned, blocked or other low content pages. These rates have been stable over Q3 2021.

The pdf version of the report can be found here.

Published By Patrick Myles
Patrick Myles is the Data Analyst of CENTR, the European country code top-level domain association. Patrick is responsible for data management, member surveys and the development and technical maintenance of the CENTRstats data platform.