New integrated TLD dashboard on CENTRstats

2019-12-18 News

The TLD dashboard has been upgraded!

The ‘TLD dashboard’ is where you’ll find a rich analysis of dozens of CENTR member ccTLDs including their domain counts, growth, renewal rates, creates/deletes, pricing (including registrar averages). The dashboard also includes a variety of charting tools to allow you to visualise trends and compare TLDs.

Menu changes - Previously many of the dashboards on CENTRstats were spread across themed menu items. We are now starting to move many of them to more consolidated dashboards that can encompass more information with less clutter. As part of this process we have updated the way the site is structurally set out and now have fewer menu items. Key menus now are: ‘Dashboards’, ‘Databank’ and ‘Resources’. The dashboards themselves are evolving all the time with new datasets and design efficiencies, to help you find and report the information you need faster.

If you ever have feedback or suggestions, feel free to let us know.