Public ccTLD Registrar Portal Goes Live!

News 09-08-2016

The CENTR Registrar Portal has been launched – a publicly available platform that displays aggregated information from ccTLD registries all across Europe.

This first version of the portal details information on most European ccTLD registries, searchable by TLD with data grouped into the following areas: organisation, policy, administrative, EPP status codes and links to registrar agreements as well as terms and conditions.

The CENTR Administrative Working Group will discuss potential for new fields and enhancements to the tool at its next meeting in September and registrars attending the CENTR Registrar Day in October 2016 will also have an opportunity to discuss it and to make suggestions.

The portal has been built within the public area of CENTRstats (an internal statistics resource for CENTR members), allowing CENTR ccTLD members to update their data live in the portal, which ensures accuracy is maintained.

Access the CENTR Registrar Portal


After several formal and informal discussions with the European registrar community, it became clear that one of the most important things CENTR could do to assist the community is to ensure that the process to allow registrars to sell specific ccTLDs (become accredited registrars) is made as easy as possible. One of the more tangible ideas that came from the discussions was that CENTR could create a centralised source of information on ccTLDs – a place where registrars can view at a glance the key policies, technical requirements and links to registrar agreements of each ccTLD.

Data gathered from a task force made up of member ccTLD registries and European registrars has now been built into the Registrar Portal along with a functionality allowing ccTLDs to add and update their information dynamically in the system.

CENTR would like to warmly thank the participants to the Registrar Task Force, who made this project possible.

Participating registrars:

  • Iliya Bazlyankov (CORE)
  • Lars Steffen (eco)
  • Thomas Rickert (eco)
  • Kristian Ørmen (Larsen Data)
  • Peter Larsen (Larsen Data)
  • Frédéric Guillemaut (SafeBrands)
  • Alexander Schwertner (Tucows)
  • Tobias Sattler (United Domains)

Participating CENTR members:

  • Josipa Beslic (CARNet)
  • Martin Peterka (CZ.NIC)
  • Jaromir Talir (CZ.NIC)
  • Sascha Kämpf (DENIC eG)
  • Dorit Richter (DENIC eG)
  • Jonas Nielsen (DK Hostmaster)
  • Eduardo Duarte (DNS.PT)
  • Regina Fuchsová (EURid)
  • Patrik Wallström (IIS)
  • Ulrich Wisser (IIS)
  • Katarzyna Sobczyk (NASK)
  • Katharina Deutsch (NIC.AT)
  • Gilles Massen (RESTENA DNS-LU)
  • Stefan Kovac (RNIDS)
  • Jan van Pijkeren (SIDN)
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