The Technical Working Group meets for the last CENTR workshop of the series

2021-03-03 News

On 25 February the CENTR Technical working group gathered for the 44th time since the group’s establishment for their dedicated online workshop.

74 people from 35 registries and associated organisations from California to Australia gave each other updates of what has been happening from the technical side at their registries. A vulnerability jointly detected by InternetNZ, SIDN and USC-ISI was disclosed to the CENTR members. Besides that the mini-theme of the workshop was RDAP and its (prototype) implementation in ccTLDs and in gTLDs, and its implication on law enforcement was also briefly touched upon.

At the end of the workshop the participants were introduced to a charming DNSSEC Key ceremony toolset project from NLnet Labs, and the .lu registry reported on the procedure and outcome of re-opening the registration of one-and-two-character domain names.


This article was written by Linda Verhaegen, Office Manager at CENTR and support for the Technical Working Group.