The second edition of CENTR's new Tech Trends Watch is out!

2020-08-27 News

CENTR is excited to share the second edition of its new publication, the Tech Trends Watch, which aims to give an overview of current and upcoming changes in technology from a range of standards development organisations and other technology forums, keeping in mind underlying geopolitical and industrial movements and in particular tracing the trends that may have an impact on the addressing and numbering communities.

This edition comments on the rise of voluntary technical specifications to combat the United States’ interference in the current cross-border nature of the world wide web and also looks at the implementation (or lack of) end-to-end security in mobile networks. It then focuses on the development of DNS-based drone identity management, before zooming in on European cloud services, namely Gaia-X.

Keep tuned for an audio version of the CENTR Tech Trends Watch, which is coming soon!

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