CENTRstats is a data platform which provides a centralised resource on data relevant to the TLD market and CENTR members. Data is presented in the form of interactive charts, searchable/sortable tables, interactive maps, export functions and other tools to assist in the visualisation of data. CENTRstats is divided into two areas: full members only and a public area – each area is outlined below. All CENTR members with a full member user account can access CENTRstats using the below link.

Full Members section
-Registrations interactive trend chart (domains, growth, adds, deletes, renews, DNSSEC, IDNs) allowing TLD benchmarking
-Market stats (median growth by region/TLD group, renewal/create rate medians)
-Datatables on (annualised growth by TLD, renewal/creation rates, domain pricing, zone age, registrant numbers, ICANN data and more)
-Geographic data: TLD market share by country with TLD drilldowns, ccTLD distribution by country and an interactive map
-Resources for members to update their XML/JSON files, list of participating members to stats and useful links.

Public section
-Registrar Portal (ccTLD profiles containing information on organisation, contacts, basic policies, EPP stats codes and others)
-gTLD interactive dashboard showing monthly updated stats and trend charts on all gTLDs (legacy and new).