CENTRstats is a data platform which provides a centralised resource on data relevant to the TLD market and CENTR members. Data is presented in the form of interactive charts, searchable/sortable tables, interactive maps, export functions and other tools to assist in the visualisation of data. CENTRstats is divided into two areas: full members only and a public area – each area is outlined below. All CENTR members with a full member user account can access CENTRstats using the below link.

the CENTRstats member area (full members) includes the CENTR data bank (registration statistics, market shares, policy details and much more) within interactive dashboards and tables. Functions to update live data are also available. CENTRstats Public is split into several pages (ccTLD profile, gTLD registration statistics and the Registry Registrar Data Group (RRDG) project page.

Access CENTRstats (guests will arrive to the public area)