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  • From remote work in Paris to 100Gbs in Lisbon

    2020-05-25 Blog

    By Monika Ermert, eLance Journalist - RIPE80 was the first ever remote meeting of the European IP address community. Naturally Covid-induced issues in the network were addressed in various presentations, but none of them was more impressive than Raphael Maunier and Benjamin Schilz’ report about how they set up a 100 Gigabit Point of Presence (PoP) for a customer during a complete lockdown.

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  • Is the lockdown driving domain registrations?

    2020-05-19 Blog

    By Patrick Myles - Businesses across Europe face a new and challenging situation not seen in generations. A mass lockdown of society due to the corona virus pandemic with thousands of businesses having been forced to send employees home. The societal impact is broad and deep however for ccTLD registries, beyond changes to how staff work, other business effects so far seems minimal. One aspect of registry business may however be changing – the volume of registrations themselves. Fig

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  • EU Policy Update - April 2020

    2020-05-14 EU Policy Updates

      In a nutshell: Europol issued its report on cybercrime and the COVID-19 pandemic. The European Parliament has been busy with numerous committees advancing on their draft reports and opinions for the Digital Services Act. The European Court of Justice ruled that Amazon is not infringing trademark rights by storing infringing goods on behalf of a third-party seller. The Advocate-General of the European Court of Justice issued an opinion in the case of the enforcement of intellectual property rights against YouTube.

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  • Fit for purpose? Task Force presents first draft of future RIPE Database

    2020-05-14 Blog

    By Monika Ermert, eLance journalist - The first RIPE database came into being in 1992. It started as a contact database for the then limited number of Local Internet Registries, but has gradually changed over time. With new EU data protection rules entering into effect in 2018, it is time for yet another iteration. Bijal Sanghani, EuroIX, presented the background and a proposal to move forward at the RIPE Virtual Database Task Force BoF on 6 May.

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  • What‘s up@RIPE80, not in Berlin?

    2020-05-06 News

    By Monika Ermert, eLance journalist - Hans Petter Holen, Chair of the RIPE community since 2014, will change roles. Last Friday, the Executive Board formally announced that he had started his role as the new Managing Director of the RIPE NCC. For the upcoming RIPE 80 meeting, which will be held virtually starting Tuesday 12 May, Holen will act as both RIPE Chair and NCC Managing Director, to preside over a reduced, but still pretty packed agenda.

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