CENTR Publishes Repository of Registrars

Blog 06-02-2024

CENTR has developed a dataset of Registrar organisational details and legal structures. To query the data, we have created a tool where you can lookup a registrar by name to view its details and links, if any, to other organisations.

 Why did CENTR develop this resource?

In response to the evolving registrar landscape marked by recent market consolidations, CENTR recognized a growing need within its membership to gain better insight into registrar ownership structures. Over time, and based on demand, we will add additional elements of data, such as ICANN accreditation, as well as other interfaces to query the data.

How to use the tool

To access the Registrar Repository query tool, go to: https://stats.centr.org/registrar_repository and click the dropdown menu. From there, start typing the name of the registrar you are looking for. If found, the tool will display basic details on the registrar as well as any of the legal relationships it has. CENTR welcomes active contributors to join efforts in curating and enhancing this dataset over time. For those interested in contributing, reaching out to the CENTR secretariat through the contact details below.

Evaluating the tool's value and data maintenance

To ensure ongoing relevance and accuracy, CENTR remains committed to continuously assessing the tool's value and maintaining the dataset, ideally with the help of members and registrars themselves. Over the next 12 months, feedback from users and metrics gauged from page visits will serve as crucial indicators in shaping the tool's future enhancements and data refinement. If you would like to help CENTR curate this dataset, please use the feedback form.

Published By Patrick Myles
Patrick Myles is the Data Analyst of CENTR, the European country code top-level domain association. Patrick is responsible for data management, member surveys and the development and technical maintenance of the CENTRstats data platform.