Towards a Stronger Internet: CENTR Principles for the Next Digital Decade

News 15-11-2023

On November 14th, during the 2023 Annual CENTR Meeting (GA70), CENTR members adopted "Towards a Stronger Internet, Principles for the Next Digital Decade". In the context of the 2024 EU elections and the new mandate of European policymakers taking office, CENTR's Principles outline the European ccTLDs' proposed approach to safeguarding Europe’s digital future in the upcoming decade.

Drawing on the experience and knowledge of ccTLDs and their crucial role as internet infrastructure actors, the Principles identify core areas that CENTR's members believe EU policymakers should focus on:

  • Interoperability
  • Competition
  • Access & Cybersecurity
  • Fundamental rights
  • Online content
  • Governance

By underlining clear priorities for each area, CENTR puts forward a guiding framework to ensure a safe and human centric digital future.


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Published By Polina Malaja
Polina Malaja is the Policy Director at CENTR, leading its policy work and liaising with governments, institutions and other organisations in the internet ecosystem.