European Parliament's response to the Digital Single Market Strategy

2015-10-14 News

The co-rapporteurs of both the industry (ITRE) and internal market (IMCO) committees, Kaja Kallas and Evelyne Gebhardt, have published their draft report reacting to the Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy launched in May 2015. It focuses on the need to (re)build consumers’ trust on online services, e.g. through harmonised contractual rules not only for buying tangible goods online but also digital content. They also stress the need to “boost long-term infrastructure investments” (e.g. through better spectrum allocation) and adjusting the telecoms framework. Other committees gave specific opinions, e.g. JURI on combating illegal content and copyright (to be adopted by the committees). The lead committees IMCO and ITRE will vote on the report in mid-December. A final vote by plenary is expected for January 2016. The outcome, a motion for resolution, is not binding.